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Adrienne D. Hill


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This body of work represents my passion on screen. Through every season, I have focused intently on my passions and the "why" behind each of them. Some seasons were a pursuit of a new skill or career path- and some served as creative healing through the ebbs and flows of life.

One thing I know for certain is that each experience has been woven together for my divine purpose. Each moment in this timeline serves as a building block to my now.










The Brand Box Club is the culmination of my life's work. Every passion, every pursuit, every job, every career path has led to this particular venture. The Brand Box Club encompasses absolutely everything I've learned, everything I love and everything I am extremely good at. 

In case you aren't familiar, The Brand Box Club is the first industry-specific coworking space for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs. The vision for this venture was given in 2015 during a series of "downloads" that were given to me through God- but it didn't come to fruition until 2018- 6 months after I'd secured my office space. Sometimes you will get provision before the vision actualizes.


Fashion + Beauty ATL

Fashion + Beauty ATL is the community component of The Brand Box Club. It was formed in conjunction with The Brand Box Club to foster collaboration and connectivity amongst fashion and beauty professionals in the Atlanta Area. 

Through monthly meetups, events, workshops and spotlights of brands + events around the city- FBATL is dedicated to bridging the gap within the fashion & beauty communities of Greater Atlanta.

Find us on, Facebook, and Instagram under Fashion + Beauty ATL. 





The beginning of 2017 started with a declaration of 'yes'. I made a promise to say 'yes' to everything God had in store, and to walk through– well kick through– every single door God saw fit to cross my path. The result of that was four new businesses and my first office suite- with 7 rooms! YIKES! 



Content marketing internship program

Talk about full circle in one year! I launched my second 15-week content marketing internship program the fall semester of 2017 through The Brand Box Club. During the internship, 6-8 students intricately learn various aspects of content marketing, social media marketing + planning, content creation, photography, video editing and commercial writing. 

The internship is a very hands-on experience where students get complete creative control under my direction and guidance to conceptualize, plan, develop and deliver creative content. Each week students are able to create content for multiple companies through multiple social media platforms and mediums. 



Flick Inc. is a digital influencer agency that helps media personalities monetize their following in the form of brand management, merchandise endorsements and brand partnerships. The concept for Flick Inc. was established in 2015 but the actual business manifested in 2017. 

I acquired our first client, Charmaine Johnise, and ran a 6-month merchandise endorsement campaign in conjunction with her youtube cooking channel.



Brand My Bundles

Brand My Bundles is the premier retailer of luxurious custom packaging for hair extensions brands worldwide. Brand My Bundles launched in April 2017, and quickly saw success, gaining clients in over 14 countries worldwide. 

Brand My Bundles' Showroom location opened in July of 2017 and it is located inside of The Brand Box Club Facility. 



The Stockbox

The Stockbox is an open-source collection of curated stock photography galleries for fashion and beauty brands of color.

While I owned my branding firm, Brand My Boutique, I realized how rare it was for a client to have access to quality stock images as a new brand. Start Up businesses generally can't afford photoshoots so many of my clients were using stock images from wholeseller websites just to get by. 

When I transitioned my branding firm in April of 2017, I began asking myself "what else can I offer my audience of fashion + beauty entrepreneurs?" The Stockbox is a product of that inner-probe.

In March of 2017, I gave my clients a 30-day notice and dissolved my branding firm, Brand My Boutique, after almost 4 years of service to clients in over 40 countries. I knew God had more in store, and my YES revealed more than I ever could have asked for or thought of.
— Adrienne

BossFM U

In Q1 of 2017, I launched BossFM U, a 15-Week Course Curriculum Internship Program and Student-ran nationally syndicated radio station for college students. 

There were 20 students in the 15-week program, and throughout the course students received classroom training on all the aspects of radio, workshops to develop and conceptualize their radio show and hands-on experience planning, running and promoting their very own radio show. 

I created this program because I understood the impact hands-on training, experience, and a portfolio had on my career and journey as an entrepreneur. It was a blessing to pay it forward.  







I'd been obedient and had checked everything off of my vision board that I set out to accomplish when I moved to Miami. God then spoke very specifically and said that I was to move back to Atlanta to grow my business and get office space. 

First of all, I never pictured myself returning to Atlanta. I lowkey hated ATL! Secondly, I'd be working from home for 3 years full-time at this point. An office space was not appealing. But out of obedience I followed my Kairos Moment, packed up and headed to ATL. 


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My marketing firm, KRAM Marketing, assisted in the planning, marketing and sponsorship solicitation of the 3-Day festival, J Dilla Weekend held in Miami, FL. 






2014 was the year I saw every trial I'd gone through make sense and every promise I'd heard from God made manifest. I'm a visionary and when I went to Miami I created a vision board of very specific things I wanted to happen while I lived there. One of the most important to me was to live in a white high-rise downtown. After only six months of full-time entrepreneurship, I signed the lease to a new construction condo in Brickell- my dream home. My lease was up at my old place in April and the condo wasn't ready until August, so I packed my belongings in storage and traveled the country for five months, working from my laptop. I was living my dreams.




April McRae was apart of the Sorority Sisters cast and VH1 contacted me to be a part of the show to discuss the changes I'd be making to the House of Styles brand. 

My branding firm, Brand My Boutique, was commissioned to transition April McRae's boutique House of Styles located in downtown Atlanta into an online boutique. Through this transition, the House of Styles brand went through a complete rebrand. House of Styles received a new brand identity, logo design and print branding identity.






I moved to Miami and attended grad school for one thing- to figure out how to get into the mind of the consumer and to reach full-time entrepreneur status. I had NO idea I'd be launching a branding firm - heck, I'd never taken a graphic design course in my life. Sometimes God will lead us to things that are not within direct eyesight of any of our goals. In the end, I've always been able to see the "WHY" behind everything that has transpired, good or bad.



After a trial run of rebranding a company (something I'd never done prior to working with Joseph Aviv) and countless inquires on social media about my own marketing and branding for my vintage store, Boss of Beauty- I recognized an opportunity and launched Brand My Boutique. 

Initially Brand My Boutique offered web and graphic design, but  the company scaled VERY quickly, offering a full-range print shop and garnering clients in over 40+ countries. I'd fallen into full-time entrepreneurship and reached the goal I set to accomplish when I moved to Miami. (Home office in Brickell-2014, pictured)

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.32.47 PM.png

Joseph aviv jewelry

I landed my first client, Joseph Aviv Jewelry, two days after being fired from my marketing coordinator position at Nutrition Smart.

Joseph Aviv Jewelry specialized in custom diamond jewelry designs. Throughout our relationship together, I completely overhauled the Joseph Aviv brand, planned a launch event collaboration with Mercedes Benz and Modern Luxury Miami (pictured) planned a trunk tour and other forward-thinking marketing/branding initiatives. 

The important thing to note here is that Joseph was looking to hire someone to do marketing as part of his staff- I went into the interview saying he'd be my client, and he was. #BossStatus




In Spring of 2013, I landed a position as a marketing coordinator for a Florida-based Health Store Chain after dropping grad school a few months prior. 

While there, I began to excite change- proposing innovative concepts to push the message and culture of the company forward. After a random turn of events, I was let go on a Saturday (my first and last time being fired) and I stepped into entrepreneurship full-time that Monday. I have never worked for anyone else since.





I was excelling at Miami Ad School and really learning at a rapid pace. So much that professors that worked in the field would tell me to reach out to them once I graduated. We'd receive live briefs from clients that our professors we working with and pitch ideas each with that would be critiqued by our professors. I'd never forget walking through the streets of Miami and seeing one of my ideas on a billboard. I knew I'd learned enough to soar- so after a really hard decision and a terrible breakup, I dropped out and began to fly.



Boss of Beauty started as a fashion and beauty blog where I'd post OOTD blogs, tutorials and various fashion + beauty tips. I eventually began doing youtube hair tutorials and weight loss tips under the Boss of Beauty brand, garnering over 300,000 total views on the channel. 

I've always had a love for vintage fashion, and after about three months of blogging I expanded the Boss of Beauty brand into an online vintage boutique - Boss of Beauty Vintage. 

Pictured vending at El Mini Mart at Wynwood's Wood Tavern


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brand ambassador of the world, craig

Throughout the beginning stages of my career in Miami, I was contracted by several agencies as a brand ambassador. 

Through my tenure as a brand ambassador, I was blessed to work for some of the top fortune 500 companies of the world, and get a birds eye view of how they interacted with consumers through activations and experiential marketing.

Being able to have a front-row seat during such unique product roll-outs and promotional efforts expanded my creatitivy and showed me exactly how brands tap into the mind of the consumer. 





I'd been living in Atlanta for about a year and a half, and had just signed a lease for a new loft downtown. My boxes were packed and loaded on the UHAUL, and my parents and I were in-route to my new place from my old apartment. While driving I called my mom and said these words:

Mama, I think God wants me to move to Miami and go to grad school. Can I stay with you for a few months before I go?
— Adrienne mid-route to her new apartment

No – I had not applied to grad school. I had never even been to Miami before, but I knew what God told me to do and I knew that this was a KAIROS moment. I could either waste another year in Atlanta and miss the timing of my blessing, or I could take a leap of faith and go after what God had for me. So I went after it. I applied to the top Advertising school in THE WORLD and was accepted in a class of only 11 grad students. This "YES" changed my life and the entire trajectory of my career.


Miami Ad school

I was accepted into Miami Ad School's dual-graduate program as a copywriter. Through this program, I took classes at both Miami Ad School and Florida International University. 

Miami Ad School's graduate program was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. To say the program was fast-paced would be an understatement. There were no books, no GRE or standard tests, just pure unadulterated imagination and creativity.

At Miami Ad School, the culture and climate of the school and classes mimicked Advertising life. We worked to solve real problems for real brands and presented full pitch decks amongst our peers weekly.  







From late 2009 to early 2011, my interim time spent in Atlanta was a mixture of creative exploration and corporate hustle. I'd secured several clients for my music marketing firm, KRAM Marketing (which at the time stood for Knowing a Realistic Approach to Music Marketing) while also holding down gigs as a newborn photographer, preschool theater coach and first grade teacher.







Quarter-life crisis is a real thing. I graduated in 2009 proud of everything I'd accomplished in Chicago and void of any thoughts of my future, a job or my next steps. I packed my bags (literally the day after graduation) and headed back to Atlanta with no plans or idea of what life would unfold. 

I did go out with a bang, however. I was hired as the assistant to the producer of Columbia College Chicago's Urban Arts Festival, Manifest which brings in about 50,000 participants each year. I also co-planned the college's first Industry Night- a showcase and networking event that brings seniors, alumni and prospective employers under one roof for an evening of networking and schmoozing. 


Assistant Producer

- Manifest


During my tenure as assistant producer of Manifest I handled all communication with the City of Chicago including permits and licenses needed for the 30-block festival. I also handled inner departmental communication, vendor solicitation and assisted with space planning. 

Manifest is Columbia College Chicago's one-day urban arts festival that attracts over 30,000 participants annually. During the festival there are senior showcases, A-list performances, art instillations, spectical parades (pictured) and other arts related activities. 





2008 was a transformational year for me, as I embarked on a new internship opportunity with WGCI FM, I also began my career in freelance makeup artistry after taking theater makeup courses.



My internship with WGCI was a great learning experience that taught me how businesses utilize radio stations to garner leads and new business. Ran through the promotions department, we worked closely with account executives as the muscle behind events, often accompanying radio personalities to various businesses with promotional goodies and the wrapped promotional truck. 

I interned for two semesters. 


Freelance mua

Throughout the tenure of my college career, hair and beauty were always a source of interest and additional income. I'd been doing hair out of my dorm room since freshman year, and during my sophomore year I enrolled in a theater makeup course as an elective. This taught me the art of contouring and doing makeup for different face shapes before conturing was popular. 

After I gained confidence from taking the course, I began landing freelancing gigs and have had the pleasure of doing make up for several short films (with IMDB accreditation), special events with Cosmopolitan + Seventeen Magazine and a ton of other amazing oportunities. 



In 2008 I formed my first official business entity, KAIROS Unlimited. Kairos Unlimited was a music publishing company who's plan was to sign writers and solicit their material to major recording artists in effort to secure placement on the artists’ albums.

While unsuccessful, it did translate into a larger vision, KRAM Marketing, in which I began artist management and development.

'Kairos' is when God's time aligns with earthly time. In that intersection God demands that we act quickly and to be bold and unafraid. There is a huge significagance in this being the name of my first company, as this term has infleunced some of the biggest decisions in my life.




C3 Presents Lollapalooza

2007 was a banging year for my entertainment resume! In summer of 2007, I was pinged by C3 Presents to be a VIP Cabana Manager for the 4-day mega festival, Lollapalooza.

As the Lollapalooza South Cabana Manager, I oversaw a 31,000 square foot space with over 3,000 guests per day, as well as merchandise, spa, bar, catering and intern staff personnel totaling 42 persons. 


Atlantic Records


In spring of 2007, I was hired as a promotions intern for Atlantic Records. Can you believe I found the job through Craigslist? #TrueStory.

I reported to the coordinator who worked out of their main headquarters in New York City. Our main objectives were to coordinate events surrounding album releases and artists’ promotional tours on our college campuses and other lifestyle locaations.

I also fostered relationships with DJ’s, journalists, promoters and tastemakers in the Chicago market, and serviced them with our new releases on a continuous basis in effort to gain exposure of our artists. 

Within three months, I was promoted to regional manager where I recruited, hired, trained and managed one-third of the Urban Division College Marketing Team for the midwest market. I worked there for 3 years remotely.  





Columbia College Chicago LOGO.png

In 2016 I acquired a position at Columbia College's Office of College-Wide Events where I was responsible for promoting college-wide events to student body. Through my aggressive marketing and promotions efforts across campus I was able to increase attendance by 55%.

 Through my 3-year tenure, I assisted small staff of 8 in creating monthly college-wide events and programming for our student body (12,000 students). I also handled accounting including accounts payable, payroll, expense reports and bank reconciliation.

Most importantly, I co-coordinated Manifest, an annual outdoor urban arts festival that attracts 30,000 attendees yearly. By my third year, I was assistant to the producer of the festival.

Responsibilities included vendor solicitation, City of Chicago permits and negotiation, community involvement, interdepartmental coordination and communication, programming and public relations. 

This was my first "real" job and I learned SO much SO fast! 





I went to undergrad on a mission- God had already made it very clear that Chicago was where I was supposed to be, and that it would get me to my ultimate goal of being a music business manager (at the time). While studying Arts, Entertainment & Media Management with a concentration in Music Business Management, I landed my first internship as a freshman at indie record label ICEE Records

Within 6-months I was serving as executive assistant to the Vice President of the Label. 







Upon navigating high school, I picked up on my leadership qualities as well as my keen sense of discernment. By senior year, I'd taken a 10-week summer intensive program in the college of my choice, Columbia College Chicago. I'd also collaborated over 45 of my peers to write, produce and publish a 17-track album in celebration of my graduation. While my peers were applying to multiple colleges and universities- I prayed and applied to one school. The school that changed the game for me indefinitely. 








Dekalb School of the Arts

As an 8th grader, I had a sense of ambition and self-assurance. I remember approaching my mom and telling her I was interested in attending a performing arts school, and that I'd already contacted them and set up an audition. At a very young age I understood the importance of getting it done myself and going after what I wanted in life. I entered into the DSA Culture as a 9th grader in a graduation class of 44 and a total 8-12th grade body of 250 students. 

DeKalb School of the Arts was my first view of life through my lens of purpose. Being in that environment cultivated my creativity and was the foundation of my entire career. It was such a unique learning environment filled with some of the most talented people I've ever met. 


Early high school was as far back as I can trace my lens of purpose and the literal pull to my calling, but be not mistaken, my adolescence was filled with experiences that shaped my creativity and allowed me room to explore and grow. I know this foundation played a huge part in my creative path and I am eternally grateful for parents that understood the importance of creative exploration through activity. 

If you have reached the end of this page, you have journeyed with me quite far. I am grateful that you've taken the time to travel with me and if an inkling of this inspires or blesses you, I have done my job.