Being a brand ambassador was one of the best decisions I could make in regards to the flexibility and fluidity of my career as a budding entrepreneur. It allowed me to choose gigs that I was interested in and had time for, while still controlling my time enough to pursue other passions. I began my on/off career as a brand ambassador in undergrad- landing gigs with Budweiser and a few other notable brands.

Typically brand ambassador gigs all function the same- we are positioned as the face of the brand to push a product and interact with consumers through an experiential setting. We then would report responses and reactions back to the agency, who then communicated findings to the client. 

Gigs could be a single day, or could last for months or even years. You could work in a team, or be assigned to a gig solo. I also managed teams. My longest brand ambassador gig was with American Express, it was full-time and even allowed me to transition from Atlanta to Miami for grad school and still continue with the gig. 

Below are a few photos from my experiences, and my brand ambassador resume of my most memorable gigs if you're into the facts.