Boss of Beauty was initially a passion project birthed as creative healing after I made the tough decision to drop out of grad school. While I was solid in my "why" I didn't know what my next steps were going to be and Boss of Beauty became an outlet formed out of my passion for fashion, hair and beauty.

Launched in 2012, Boss of Beauty spanned two years – starting as a blog, then manifesting into a youtube channel and finally a vintage boutique before I added marketing services and launched Brand My Boutique in 2013.


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I launched dozens of youtube videos through the Boss of Beauty brand surrounding hair tutorials, make-up, weight loss and fashion. Many of my videos reached 10,000+  views, with my most watched video garnering 50,000+ views.




I have always had a love for vintage wear, and after a bad breakup shortly after I'd dropped out of grad school, retail really became my therapy. I was blessed to have a Delta Companion pass at the time, and I'd travel from city to city sourcing amazing vintage wear. I modeled most of my clothes, designed my own website, took professional photos of the merch I couldn't model, and handled my own marketing. Boss of Beauty Vintage garnered the attention of other boutique owners, bloggers and businesses- and within a short 6 months, Brand My Boutique was formed. The rest is history!